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Utilizing Solar Energy For Your Home

Although many folks are looking to switch over to solar energy mainly because it is a wonderful way to save cash and help our world, many folks think that this is just too expensive to do. You are going to see that there are plenty of various kinds of costs involved if you decide to switch over to solar energy, but you should also understand that these costs can be reduced from time to time. In this article we are going to be checking out some of the different expenses involved to switching to solar and also how you are able to save money while doing this.

While many men and women wind up going out and purchasing everything separately you are going to discover that they do sell complete systems in order to make sure men and women have everything they have to get started. You’re still going to have to purchase batteries separately, because this is how you are going to store the energy, so even if they say they’re a complete solar panel kit you ought to keep this in mind. Something else you ought to remember is how many batteries you are going to end up needing, and I ought to also point out that the batteries needed will depend upon the size of the system you generate. You are going to want to buy deep cycle batteries and you are going to see that you’ll be able to find these just about anywhere and the price is about $100 each.

If you opt to buy the complete system, you’re going to discover that it is going to cost you anywhere between $500 and $20,000 depending on the size of the system you purchase. If you want to purchase your solar energy panels separately you’ll see that you are able to purchase three or four, 100 watts each panel’s for about $1000. A solar panel system of three or four panels may have the ability of decreasing your electric bill substantially, and could actually power a small home or mobile home for individuals who conserve their electricity. For individuals who use loads of electricity or have loads of folks living in your house, you’ll see that a solar panel system of 10 or even 20 solar panels will be needed.

A charge controller for the batteries in addition to a power inverter are 2 other items that you’re going to need to purchase in order to use this electricity. It’s not possible to come up with an actual cost for the power inverter because there’s a lot of different sizes and the larger the inverter you need the more cash you are going to need to pay for it.

For those of you who shop around and try to find the best deals you’re going to find that a little solar panel system of three or four panels will only wind up costing you $1000 to $1500. You need to also remember that it could be very expensive if this is something that you need to have somebody else install for you, and this will be an added expense on top of your initial investment.