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Bath tub Refinishing Raleigh, NC

Your bathtub is probably outdated if you haven’t remodeled in recent years, Looking back on old designs you’d realize just how old and tacky many bathtubs in older homes are! Newer, modern homes tend to have a beautiful bathtub or spacious shower space. In the past, many people had colors and prints on their tub! It’s time to upgrade your bathtub, but save a lot of money in the process! With bathtub refinishing, you’ll have a good-as-new tub for a small portion of the cost of a new tub! Need ideas on how to extend your new look throughout the whole bathroom? You’ll want to take a look at these bathroom ideas!

Professional vs DIY Refinishing

Don’t even attempt to resurface your own bathtub. Why? Because professionals can use the proper materials and chemicals that you won’t be able to purchase in a store. A professional can use reglazing materials that are highly toxic and require special procedure to use. You will want to see previous work by your expert, and also ask how they plan to do the process and ventilate the room as needed. DIY kits simply do not hold up to their professional competition.

nc bathtub refinishing

Resurfacing Your Bathtub

Your skilled resurfacing pro will begin the process by removing the old glaze first. Professionals will use a powerful hydrofluoric acid to do this work, and they then rinse and sand the bathtub to find a great rough surface the refinishing can definitely stick on to. A trained expert in resurfacing will immediately begin the job by fixing any and all damage to the tub, as well as inspecting for weak spots to fix those as well. You cannot do this work easily on your own, so it is best to let the professionals take care of this extremely messy, toxic job!

Bath Resurfacing Raleigh

Add instant value to your home with bath tub restoration! You’ll not only enjoy the immediate visual improvement and functionality, but your home will see a bump in value with your fresh, new bathroom enhancements. Raleigh bath tub repair has an extensive experience in repairing and resurfacing any kind of tub.