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Durham Storage Containers

You will love the versatility of a shipping container. From options for on-location storage solutions to on-site construction material storage and work space, a shipping container can hold anything and everything. Containers can be delivered with only one truck and can easily be moved to another location by use of a moving truck. If you’re moving into a smaller home, this would offer you not only the ease and simplicity of moving on your own terms, but also provide you with a great storage space for unneeded belongings. You will find great use with this safe and secure method of shipping and storage.

Sizes of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes, but you will find the most popular size to be 20′. A 20′ container will be a great, average size storage container. Storage containers stack together and beside one another very well. You can also find containers in 10′ and 40′ sizes. While these are not as common, they are still readily available and have their own uses. The 40’ is best to hold large machinery or work as a large mobile office. The 10’ container will work great for your home belongings and can easily be transported during a move with less belongings. Deciding a container based on your needs is the best plan of action. You will always prefer to size up over sizing down. You never want to be short on space.

Security of Storage Containers

You can trust your strong and sturdy shipping container to keep your belongings safe and secure. Containers are made for security. They’re designed to pass over the open ocean for weeks at a time! You can also trust that all goods inside will remain safe, no matter what the container encounters. Shipping containers are very strong and sturdy. You can even stay safe in them during a storm when being used as a mobile office!

Mobility of Storage Containers

Mobile storage is a fantastic option! A shed is great, but what happens if you need to move items within it? You’d have to pack it all up! How about a storage unit? Everyone knows the struggle of cleaning one of those out after many years. Every time you need something, you’d have to go retrieve it. With the use of a storage container, you never have to remove items to  move them to another form of storage. You can even ship your loaded container all around the world.

Storage Containers in Durham

You will be so greatly impressed by the versatility, stability and mobility of a shipping container. What are you waiting for? Storage containers will be an excellent option for your personal belongings or business storage needs. You’ll love what Durham Storage Containers can get set up for you.